A search partner you can trust to understand your needs and source a leader who can exceed your expectations.

Why working with us makes sense

FP&A has almost 20 years of experience in finance recruitment for domestic and global businesses based in the West of Ireland.

Thanks to our personal approach and exceptional candidate relations, we give you access to a network of outstanding finance professionals capable of generating an instant impact and sustainable growth.

We believe in helping our candidates to build rewarding careers, not just the next chapter. Our goal is to find candidates a company where they feel at home, stay longer and accomplish more.

As evangelists for our region, we understand the benefits better than anyone, allowing us to attract the highest calibre of professionals to the West of Ireland.

We’re known as straight-talkers who get to the root of your search needs and deliver a no-nonsense service that exactly matches your needs. You can always trust that FP&A consultants will provide honest, confidential counsel on a wide range of issues.

A comprehensive and personal service

We love working with clients who value the people behind the CV as much as their skills. And we thrive when faced with the most challenging search assignments.

As an FP&A client, you’ll be first in line for the best finance talent, helping you to stay ahead of the competition.

When recommending a candidate for your role, we provide a more comprehensive profile than with invaluable insights to their values, character, career and future potential related specifically to your business.

Our end-to-end search service includes advice on job titles, descriptions and salaries, as well as how to position your company and role to generate the response it deserves.

We don’t just headhunt. We advise. As leaders in our sector, we also provide actionable data on local salary and search trends to assist you in choosing the right parameters for your search.

The FP&A method to find the perfect fit

By understanding your company’s vision, goals and culture, and the character of our candidates as well as their skills, we are able to find the right person more quickly than traditional recruitment agencies, and ensure the best chance of lasting success.

We take the time to meet and listen to each client, learn who you are and what makes you unique. When it comes to sourcing leaders and building successful teams, we believe a company’s culture is more important than its KPIs, and that helps us ensure a good organisational fit.

After building a detailed picture of your business and candidate requirements, we will immediately begin our search using a range of parameters. But ‘best fit’ isn’t enough.

We are only interested in the right fit.

We love finance as much as the talented people we work with, but we aren’t in the numbers game and we will never flood your inbox with CVs. When we know our clients and their values well enough, sometimes the one perfect candidate is all we need.

Access an elite candidate pool

We exclusively recruit qualified accountants for senior management and executive level leadership positions for international and US multinational organisations, as well as growing entrepreneurial companies in Mayo, Galway and the West of Ireland.

We are trusted partners for major organisations for the placement of finance positions at senior and leadership level including:

– CFO Jobs
– Finance Director Jobs
– SSC Director and SSC Manager Jobs
– Group Financial Controller Jobs
– Financial Controller Jobs
– Senior Finance Manager Jobs
– Finance Manager Jobs
– Tax Manager and Tax Director Jobs

Ready to hire a finance leader who can lead strategic change, drive growth and inspire your team? Contact us today to tell us who you are, what you’re looking for and why!